Monday, October 29

It's A Girl!!

Rebecca has finally arrived!! We spent all weekend in East Texas at a wonderful Bed & Breakfast. It was fantastic! We took the girls to ride Thomas the Train, they fed horses, etc. We met the owners of the b&b when we adopted Jasmine. They are going to be foster parents as well-as a matter of fact they are getting 20 month old triplets today for 1 week. They are great people and we have been blessed to know them.

We finally got home last night and got Rebecca about 1/2 way unpacked (1 of two trips) and Jasmine had a huge tantrum. The tantrum was over nothing, of course, but super rageful. This is going to be hard for her - it's hard for all of us, Rebecca included. I pray that today will be better.

We have all of Rebecca's CI stuff and all her old CI stuff. I don't know what 1/2 of this stuff is. Rechargable batteries, Mic Lock, audio cables, goes on & on. I do know that what she has now works & I'm going to get on Cochlear's website and try to figure out the rest. I have been told that the rechargable batteries only last about a 1/3 of what the actual batteries last. We have one box (60) batteries left. I think that will last about 2 more months.

Rebecca is going on and on about getting her ears pierced. I think that we are going to try to get them pierced for her birthday. I don't think that there are any problems with the implant and earrings. I don't know the sign for earrings, but I know that is what she is talking about - she is tugging at her ear & showed me her sisters earrings. We are doing a lot of that lately - I becoming quite good at Cherrades.

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Deaf Pixie said...


Good for Rebecca to learn changed adjusted with her new family!
Of Course, she will love you so much for adopting her.