Friday, February 6


I think I may have spoke too soon on my last post, which has been over a month ago (how did that happen??!!). My husband went into the hospital where we stayed for 4 days. We had to juggle the kids from house to house which I am grateful that I had so much support. My car died, still undiagnosed but it will not hold oil - tried all of the cheaper fixes, unfortuately it is not any of those. We have a 1992 Ford pickup which we have also been blessed with that we are using in the meantime. Then, my husband was told that January 31st would be his last day of work. We started preparing to go through being unemployed again and then on the 30th one of the men that Joe worked with was deported back to Guatamala. Talk about an answered prayer!! So, my husband still has his job. Then Wednesday, my mother-in-law passed away out of town. We have been dealing with funeral arrangements, etc. She had no provisions for herself and we have not seen her in over 10 years.

Anyway, just wanted to catch everyone up and let you know I am still alive. I have also found Facebook which is my new passion. How did I communicate prior to this wonderful website? I have found so many old friends and many new ones.