Saturday, September 27

New Name

Well, we decided - Sense Of FamILY it is!! Thank you everyone for your input. I will continue to write about the same 'ol things, just with a new name.

By the way, we now have Medicaid -- finally!!

Wednesday, September 24


I wasn't going to blog about this, but now it's gotten ridiculous! We changed Rebecca's medicaid/SSI to her new name. We had to stop her SSI because the money was going to our agency, so we stopped SSI and reapplied in her new name. We had to do this as part of our subsidy with the state. Anyway, we also changed her medicaid to reflect her name change as well. The next day, we went to the psychiatrist and they said that they couldn't "see" her, but could write the prescription the same as before. She could do that 1 time. The next time that she wrote the prescription there would have to be an office visit made. Her medicaid number was denied. We took the prescriptions to Walgreens, who said that her medicaid was denied. We called everyone under the sun. Medicaid, SSI, MHMR, everyone told us to call our adoption case worker. We called her and she was wondering why we called her. We went in circles with everyone. My husband took a day and a half off work trying to get everything straighened out to find out that it takes 2 weeks to get everything straighened out between everyone. So we waited and now we are at the 3 week mark.

We received a call yesterday that Rebecca has been DENIED Medicaid, period!! We negotiated medicaid as part of her subsidy. We knew that we could not afford her $1,035 month medicine, plus her audiologist appointment, opthamologist appointments on top of the regular kid doctor visits! My husband and I currently do not have insurance, so we knew this was crutial to have medicaid! My husband took another 1/2 a day off work and went down the SSI office to try to figure it all out. The SSI office said that they needed our subsidy papers from the case worker. The caseworker has been telling us that she is waiting on the SSI office. So, round and round we go again!! Walgreens can't hold her prescription any longer and now we have to get a new prescription which is another doctor visit that we really cannot afford! We also did not receive our subsidy this month which is hundreds of dollars already that had to come off our budget. School started and we had to get clothes, pictures & school shirts and shirts for the girls extra-curricular activities! Sorry, now I'm just complaining. We are very frustrated and never would have imagined this to happen. Her sister was a very smooth transistion and we expected the same with Rebecca.

Anyway, this has been our life the past 3 weeks and it's getting old. Any suggestions??

Saturday, September 20

Yes, I am hearing (guilty)

I am going to give my opinions of how I felt surrounded by a group of wonderful Deaf ladies while I was the only hearing person around. I hope I do not offend anyone...

I went with a friend to a small gathering of Deaf women. This was my first experience that was more than 2 or 3 Deaf people in the same room other than my daughter with her friends. I knew what I was getting into, I knew it would be difficult for me to follow the conversations, so I tried to pick a good seat that I could see everyone. I'm not very good at sideways signing and I know that so I picked an end seat so that at least the signing would not be right beside me. Anyway, my friend introduces me to everyone and I'm watching everyone sign at what seemed to me as their fastest speed ever! I felt like a Texan plopped into New York and trying to keep up. If this was a group of hearing people I would have asked them to stop and take a breath!! All of these people except for my friend, I have never seen before. I was still trying to get used to how they signed and just watch their hands.

About 3 or 4 minutes after we arrive, I could tell two women were talking about me and then one turned to ask me a question. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights and I guess I did not respond fast enough because another lady then asked me if I was hearing. I responded, "yes" and then the looks of pity and "OooooH"s went around the table. Then the conversation seemed to slow down and one lady asked me after a couple of sentences, "understand?". I wanted to say, "yes, I understand -- I'm not stupid, I'm hearing", but I didn't - I jumped into the conversation and did my best. One lady asked me if I would prefer that she used her voice, please don't patronize me. I didn't need voices, I just needed to familiarize myself with their accents. They asked me about my children and where they go to school, etc. I normally don't say that my children are adopted unless adoption comes up, but it seems that when I am around other Deaf people I feel like I must justify my signing skills with the fact that we have only had Rebecca for a year. I made myself promise that I would not bring this up this time - I wanted them to accept me for me and not the fact that I have adopted two children, one Deaf. After I say that my daughter is 10, I feel that everyone is saying in their head - "another hearing parent that can't sign as well as she should for having a 10 year old". Maybe this is all in my head and it probably is-I'm really self-conscious about my signing and want to do well. My friend speaks up about 2.5 hours into the visit that we have adopted Rebecca. From that moment on, I felt more accepted and they realized I am trying to learn the language and not a bad parent. They talked more 1 on 1 with me after that.

It was a great visit and I learned some new variations of signs. I didn't get home until 1am. It was a pretty exhausting day. I had my last day at my job that I had been with for almost 5 years. This was my dream job--but my life has changed with the girls and I need to be home more, so I am changing jobs. I am going to miss the people that I worked with considerably and it was a difficult decision for me. So, emotionally I was drained when I arrived at the group. The girls had a sleep over when I was at the group. Rebecca did not want me to go and her sister would be with her, so I felt like she would be fine alone. She was the only Deaf person at the sleep over and her Ushers does not make sleepovers any easier. I told her sister and the adults that were at the sleep over to let her sleep near the doors and light if possible so that she doesn't trip over people if she has to get up and go to the bathroom. She said that she had a great time and I was glad that she did it on her own. I guess you have to let go sometimes, even though it is hard.

Thursday, September 11

I Can't See!

Rebecca woke up saying that she can't see out of her left eye! I know that is not how Ushers works, so this really surprised me. We sent her to school and had her VI evaluate her. At 8:30am, I was calling to make her an opthamologist appointment. At 9am, I get a call from her school that she tested better on her vision than the last time - WHAT IS GOING ON??

At night, I talked to her more and she thinks it is just the way she slept last night. Her eye hurt and bothered her all day & then to top it off she got hit in the head with ball (not uncommon) and broke her glasses.

We are changing over her name with Medicaid which has taken us several days and is still not right. I made an opthamologist appointment for a later date and will have her checked out. Right now, we are just going to monitor her and see if it gets better.

Monday, September 8

Bible Drill / Choir

My girls both want to do Bible Drill this year, which is wonderful but also comes with a series of concerns. We get to Bible Drill and I explain that I am going to be interpreting for Rebecca. She does wonderfully, she is very smart. She only read the verse 1 time and it was memorized. She already knows how to fully spell the first 5 books of the bible, including Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Anyway, I'm not terribly suprised by this but others were. Questions arose, how is she going to sign and hold her Bible at the same time? My answer, not sure how all of this is going to work - but I know that God will work all of that out for us.

I'm very excited about Bible Drill this year and proud that my girls asked to participate.

Rebecca also wants to be in Choir (with signs) this year. We are running into transportation problems with that so pray that works itself out. I know it would be a great thing for her and help her learn much more vocabulary very quickly just as Bible Drill is doing.