Wednesday, September 24


I wasn't going to blog about this, but now it's gotten ridiculous! We changed Rebecca's medicaid/SSI to her new name. We had to stop her SSI because the money was going to our agency, so we stopped SSI and reapplied in her new name. We had to do this as part of our subsidy with the state. Anyway, we also changed her medicaid to reflect her name change as well. The next day, we went to the psychiatrist and they said that they couldn't "see" her, but could write the prescription the same as before. She could do that 1 time. The next time that she wrote the prescription there would have to be an office visit made. Her medicaid number was denied. We took the prescriptions to Walgreens, who said that her medicaid was denied. We called everyone under the sun. Medicaid, SSI, MHMR, everyone told us to call our adoption case worker. We called her and she was wondering why we called her. We went in circles with everyone. My husband took a day and a half off work trying to get everything straighened out to find out that it takes 2 weeks to get everything straighened out between everyone. So we waited and now we are at the 3 week mark.

We received a call yesterday that Rebecca has been DENIED Medicaid, period!! We negotiated medicaid as part of her subsidy. We knew that we could not afford her $1,035 month medicine, plus her audiologist appointment, opthamologist appointments on top of the regular kid doctor visits! My husband and I currently do not have insurance, so we knew this was crutial to have medicaid! My husband took another 1/2 a day off work and went down the SSI office to try to figure it all out. The SSI office said that they needed our subsidy papers from the case worker. The caseworker has been telling us that she is waiting on the SSI office. So, round and round we go again!! Walgreens can't hold her prescription any longer and now we have to get a new prescription which is another doctor visit that we really cannot afford! We also did not receive our subsidy this month which is hundreds of dollars already that had to come off our budget. School started and we had to get clothes, pictures & school shirts and shirts for the girls extra-curricular activities! Sorry, now I'm just complaining. We are very frustrated and never would have imagined this to happen. Her sister was a very smooth transistion and we expected the same with Rebecca.

Anyway, this has been our life the past 3 weeks and it's getting old. Any suggestions??


r. said...

I would say try your congressional representative, but they probably have other things on their mind right now. Is there a local news program that does consumer advocacy stories?

Ashley's Mom said...

Take your adoption agreement (which includes both the subsidy piece and the medicaid piece) down to the social services office. Sit there until someone deals with the issue.

It was my understanding, at least in my state, that if an adopted child received an adoption subsity, SSI could not kick in until the child was 18 years old.

I'm so sorry you are having to go through this.

Anonymous said...

IIRC, you are in Texas. You should be aware that Texas Medicaid law has an "All or None" provision that has the effect of forcing many pediatricians to refuse Texas Medicaid in their offices. In many smaller towns and cities there are *NO* pediatricians acccepting Medicaid patients in their offices. If you ever relocate away from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or other major Texas cities, Medicaid acess could become a major issue. I can provide more details about how this ahs come about via comment or e-mail, (if I can find an address) if you wish.