Thursday, September 11

I Can't See!

Rebecca woke up saying that she can't see out of her left eye! I know that is not how Ushers works, so this really surprised me. We sent her to school and had her VI evaluate her. At 8:30am, I was calling to make her an opthamologist appointment. At 9am, I get a call from her school that she tested better on her vision than the last time - WHAT IS GOING ON??

At night, I talked to her more and she thinks it is just the way she slept last night. Her eye hurt and bothered her all day & then to top it off she got hit in the head with ball (not uncommon) and broke her glasses.

We are changing over her name with Medicaid which has taken us several days and is still not right. I made an opthamologist appointment for a later date and will have her checked out. Right now, we are just going to monitor her and see if it gets better.


mishkazena said...

Maybe it's the crud on her eyelids keeping the eye shut. I've had that problem once when I was a kid due to an eye infection.

I hope it was a temporary fluke and that her eye, including the eyelids, are ok.

Mom22grls&1boy said...

Having ushers, I'll be honest, my vision changes from day to day, but doesn't change so that there is no vision at all...

Sorry, I jsut found your blog, so haven't read to know much about your daughter, but my next question would also be what is the lighting like in her room? Some days I can adjust to lighting very quickly, other days im like ack! I can't see much of anything!

Gotta run, it's dinner time, I'll be back though and read up!