Monday, December 31

New Years Thoughts

I'm just thinking about 2007 & WOW what a year! We spent the entire year with a child in our home and at times more than one child. We fostered other children through respites and held a child until CPS could come and pick them up to take her back to South Texas. Each of the children that have came through our home holds a special place in my heart. Each one special in their own way. May God bless all the children that have been in our house.

My husband lost is job in June & we finalized the adoption for Jasmine in August. God placed Rebecca on our hearts this summer and she was placed in our home at the end of October. We started signing classes in October & had help and learned from books and videos before then.

Jasmine has matured into quite the 9 year old! She is handling situations so much better and making wiser choices all the time. I love seeing how God is working in her life - it's amazing!!

Rebecca has only been here for 1/2 the year, but she has also learned a lot. Her social skills have improved and she is now using complete sentences most of the time. I have learned so much from this 10 year old!!

This year my family has grown through trials and triumphs. We have all learned and continue to learn sign language and have made new friends in the deaf community. I have fallen in love with the culture and the people that I have met. I have learned that having two children is definately harder than just one. I find it difficult to distribute my time evenly between my job, two children & my husband. I will continue to seek to find the best way to feel satisfied in each of these in 2008.


Ashley's Mom said...

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!

Dianrez said...

It is always a shock when one's family size doubles! From one to two children and then some! Don't worry, one day at a time adds up to a lot of confidence in a few years. Hugs and Happy New Year!