Wednesday, December 12

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for your suggessions. You have wonderful ideas and thoughts. I can only imagine and try to guess what Rebecca is feeling, you guys know what is going on & I appreciate you sharing your experiences and thoughts with me. Thank you for your support.


Deaf Pixie said...

Ushers, it seem hard to raise her I cannot imagied that you could raised the girls.

I thought you are wonderful mother to them. They are very fortunely to have you!

Deaf Pixie

Shari said...

Many parents don't know they carry the Usher gene and then when they have a d/Deaf or HOH child, they learn to adapt. But you knew about it and you researched this and opened your heart. Your journey as a mother to a Usher child will have its rewards.

Be your child's advocate. Educate hearing people. I can't remember what my parents did. They just talked to me, slowly and clearly, with some exaggerated lip movement when they had to.

For us, we weren't aware of Usher till we were in our 20s. You already have a wonderful support system on this list by asking questions to people who have been through similar situations.

God bless.