Saturday, January 12

Blessed With Heathly Children?

Have you ever heard this? I started thinking more about this statement last week. Is it really a blessing to have "healthy" children? I believe my life has been more blessed and neither of my children would be considered completely healthy by anyone who knows us.

What are heathly children? Most people would consider a healthy child to be someone without any medical issue - all body parts, can see, hear and no neurological or mental problems. Is that what you think a healthy child is? Is having a healthy child a blessing?

I feel honored that God chose me for my children. Neither one of them would be considered normal by the defination above. I may step on some toes here, but I'm going to say it anyway-I think that the parents of the children who need extra care and may not be considered healthy according to the defination above - are the ones who are blessed!

If you want to experience a true blessing, work with one of these children! It will change your life. You can do respite, be a teacher, and interpreter, a foster/adoptive parent, work in a daycare or just babysit on a regular basis for one of these blessed parents & you will experience a true blessing! The best people I know are not parents to "healthy" children and I think that is because they have experienced the full blessing that comes from these children.

I'm not saying that it is easy by any means, but I think that is why so few of us are chosen or called to be parents to these children. It takes time, compassion and patience - but those are qualities of so many people. Then why are there not more people who want this blessing! Most people view it as a burden - I am telling you there is no burden! I only feel an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment with my children. I think back to where they have come from and I can see their successes! I love that I was able to witness that and be here for that!

With "healthy" children how many moments do you have where you feel that way? Don't you love that feeling? It's addicting - don't you want more? If the answer is yes, get involved with one of these special children - it will change your life!


LaRonda said...


Your post caught my attention and then captured my heart! I have never thought of it this way and you opened my eyes to a new way of viewing that phrase about "wanting to be blessed with healthy children."

I believe that every parent who is around to witness their child's successes, whether their child is healthy, has special needs or health challenges, will feel pride in their child's growth and accomplishments.

I do get what you are saying though, but I want to make sure that we note that all children are equal blessings and worthy of parental pride.

Thank you for sharing this perspective.

~ LaRonda

deafk said...

You got this right on nail! The earth is made perfectly, but yet it provides so much imperfect balances in between. We need to be reminded this.

Beethoven was born to his mother, and he had several siblings with severe disabilities. His mother could have aborted all of them, if she had options.

I have a son with mild down's syndrome, and he is awesome. He has a dry humor that I admire him about. I have no regrets having him.

Bless you! :D