Friday, January 18

Immediate Response Needed!!

I am so excited about this and I hope my excitement is contagious!! Please show your support for the Deaf/Blind Relay service!

Your comments should be addressed to the FCC and needs to include your mailing address. All comments need to be posted before February 4, 2008. They will then have 90 days to make their decision. You can post your comments on-line on the FCC Web site through:

The proceeding code number is 03-123.

Check out this service at Hawk Relay’s Website :
The video is really great and shows how this service would work.

This service would open so many doors and opportunities for deaf/blind people everywhere. Even if you are not deaf/blind, check out this service and try to put yourself in their situation. You can make thing better for the deaf/blind community and for my little girl.

Please take a moment and do this!


Deaf Pixie said...

I would rather to walk out
Sometime I got bad interpreter or not certificate inteprreter if I dont understand and made a reschedule. It is your right and I know how frustrated for REbecca. I thought I want to see your children by picture. I thought cute and very innocent little angel girl.

Deaf Dating said...

For hearing families who have deaf children, it is important to learn their visual language ASL, make sure they have deaf peers and role monels in their daily lives, most importantly accept and respect them as a Deaf individual.

Speaking from experience, Bi-Bi keeps families together forever.

marisa said...

Thanks for the links... I just sent 2 comments to the FCC. In one I included the URL for the DBRS demo video at Hawk Relay with my typed comments. In the other I attached the text transcript of the demo video. Hopefully someone at the FCC will take the time to view the video/transcript.

Also, I enjoy reading your blog. Your family is doing a great job of folowing Rebecca's lead to meet her language and communication needs by using ASL and English. Keep it up!