Tuesday, January 15

Some Success

I have been working on several things for Rebecca lately. She had a pulminary appointment, and opthamologist appointment & I have still been working on getting her an interpreter for her after-school program.

I found out that Children's in Dallas accepts Medicaid, I called them and got Rebecca's pulminary appointment changed to February and they gave me no grief about having an interpreter at the appointment. God Bless Children's!! Thank you for just saying, "Let me see when and interpreter will be available with our schedule". I was on hold for about 10 minutes, but they came back with a date and a time that is only a few weeks away. Thank you for not making me fight for a right!! I quickly dumped the other pulminary specialist after educating them!! Dood riddance!

Our opthamologist appointment is tomorrow and they never called me back to confirm that an interpreter will or will not be there. If I get there and there is not an interpreter I don't know what I am going to do.

I talked to the director of Special Ed for the city that Rebecca goes to school at and finally got somewhere!! Rebecca will have an interpreter during the curriculum time of her after school program. They are hiring someone specifically for Rebecca! I am so proud!! GO REBECCA!! Maybe now more deaf children will join the program & there will be someone there to assist them!


mishkazena said...

Way to go about the the interpreter for the cirriculum part of after school program!

Karen said...

Way to go!