Wednesday, February 6

Moving Onto The Vision Stage...

The scaryiest part of Ushers for me is the blindness. I have never been around blind people, so maybe that is part of why it is scary. - it is an unknown world I have a meeting with the state to discuss what services they could offer Rebecca. I'm hoping it will make me feel more comfortable as well.

Her VI and the state are talking about getting her white cane training. I'm excited that she will be able to receive these services early in her life. I think it will really help her. We will also talk about when to introduce braille. I'm not sure if she is ready for braille right now, but I'll listen to what they have to say. They are also trying to find a place for my family to take tactile signing training. I have not been able to find anywhere close for us to learn tactile and I'm really looking forward to them helping us with this.

We have started our second semester of sign language classes and yesterday I increased my vocabulary another 36 words!! WOO HOO!!

The state also said that they could have someone come out to our house to see if there are other ways that we can arrange our home for it to be easier for Rebecca.

We took down our Christmas lights a couple of weeks ago and Rebecca was really worried about us taking them down because it really lit the path for her to see the bus in the morning. So right after my husband took them down he put out the rope lights along the winding pathway and put up a flood light that we will also turn on to help Rebecca see down the driveway. When we say our prayers at night, we always say thanks to God for something that day. My husband said that he was thankful for the lights. That perked Rebecca's interest and then she had to know all about it. My husband said at first, teasing her, that he was grateful that the Christmas lights were down. She started saying, "how am I going to see now?", and my husband said that he had a way. Well, then she had to know and insisted that we show her now. We turned on the lights and both of the girls found their way out independently and were dancing in the driveway!! It was beautiful!

It reminded me of a mastercard commerical, rope lights : $30, floodlight, $ your child independence....priceless!


Hearing Mom said...

There is always something to be thankful for as a mom I know this well. You might consider contacting the Outreach Department of any Deaf/Blind School. They have tons of information to share with you. Nothing better than a good support system. Best of luck to you.

Jessica said...

Aww! How touching!

Dianrez said...

As with parents of Deaf children, the best thing to do for parents of Deaf/blind children is to meet with adult Deaf/blind people.

Some are working in the schools as teachers or administrators themselves. Others have their own jobs or businesses...getting to know them as friends is inspiring and educational.

Anonymous said...

My son, we just confirmed this week, has progressive hearing loss. The vision loss road we started just over a year ago. I found the vision loss so scary and unfamiliar to me. I had majored in special education/deaf education in college; but had limited contact with the blind/visually impaired. So when we learned of his hearing loss this week, I was surprised at the feelings that overcame me.

I love the lights idea! I have "Christmas lights" in my son's room that we use instead of a nightlight. They tend not to burn out as quick!


Trips' Dad said...

Thank God for loving parents like YOU! My Usher boys (2 of the triplets) just turned six and one is already losing his peripheral vision and has night blindness. I know it's tough, believe me. Hope you always remember that you inspire more people than you know. Your family comes first, and as a parent, you do what you have to do. Hope you'll keep learning about it. In our modern world we have tremendous educational & societal resources to help. Our boys have found comfort in getting to know other kids like them & having wonderful teachers & family that love them and encourage them. Best of luck!