Monday, August 11

Court Decision

Thanks to everyone for your support and great advice. I contacted the lawyer and explained to them again in great detail (thank you NAD) about Rebecca's rights and why I would feel better with a certified interpreter. I told them that I understand that finding an interpreter is difficult and I appreciate their efforts in finding someone to interpret for court, however I would like the best for my daughter as I am sure that they would want the same for theirs.

They mentioned that they didn't think that having a certified interpreter was crutial because Rebecca was not a sworn in witness to the case (I think those were the words that she used). I explained that it didn't matter if she was only in the audience, they would still need to provide an interpreter.

I told them that I wanted to expediate this adoption, Rebecca has waited long enough and I didn't to prolong it anymore. I want them to continue to look for a certified interperpreter, but if the CASA volunteer was all that they could find I would accept that so that we could complete the adoption. They later called back and said that they found a court level interperpreter and would know if she would be available on Friday tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

I think I got the point across to the lawyer and the court. I think the next time that a Deaf individual comes into their courtroom they will know the law better and that person will not have to go through the hassle that I just when through.


Shari/"Whiger" said...

Good for you. Yes, it makes things easier for the next individual that needs it, in this case, a certified interpreter. Rebecca is really lucky to have a mother like you supporting her and sticking up for her rights.

Christiane said...

I am very impressed by your way of dealing with this matter and how you are fighting for your daughter and other deaf or disabled people. You children can be very lucky to have such a mother.

Mother of Bilingual Deaf and Hearing Children said...

Your advocacy is GREAT! Regardless of what happens with the interpreter situation now . . . I can't wait for the news that the adoption is finalized. We want to celebrate with you.