Saturday, August 30

What's In A Name??

Choosing a new title for this blog has been very difficult for me, it's like naming a child. I am trying to encompass the many things about our family into the name. Here's a few of what I have came up with. Please vote to the right and let me know what you think.

HAND TO HAND - Eventually we will be communicating with Kimberly with our hands in her hands using tactile signing. We do this a little bit now after she is in bed, at the movies, etc. RAD is another thread that runs through our family and touching is very important and difficult for her. I also thought about how both of our children have moved from family to family to get here, thus going through several hands to reach our hands.

SENSE OF FAMILY - Obviously hearing and seeing are both senses that are lost in our family and also we are trying to give our children the sense of being a part of a family. Both children have to learn what that means to be part of a family.

THE BIGGER PICTURE - everything will need to be bigger for Rebecca, but also we are trying to instill in our children to look at the bigger picture of life. God is in control and there are other people who we are meant to serve. Life is not about me, me, me. Also think about our whole picture from birth to us, it's quite a portrait.

ADAPTATIONS - we are constantly struggling with the adaptations that come with Ushers as well as just helping our children deal with change in a better way. For my husband and myself, this whole journey has done a huge flip flop on our lives and we are adapting as well.

IT'S NOT THE END... - Adoption was not the end for us, only the beginning. Also, with each news that we are given we have to think, "okay, now what..." it's not the end, only a different beginning.

Other thoughts were... SEE the difference, Living the Big Life, RADical changes, Incredible Journey, What's Next?

Our family includes adoption, foster care, Ushers Sydrome, PTSD, RAD, ADHD, Bi-polar (mood disorder), constant struggle with change, CIs, hearing aids, eating disorders, etc. We are a Christian family and the holy spirit has guided us though each of our monumental decisions that have led us to here. We are on quite a journey and can't wait to see what is next for us.

If you have any other suggestions for the title of the blog let me know. I will keep the site , that part will not change.


mishkazena said...

What is RAD?

Raising an unique family?

Valerie said...

I like it is not the end....

Whatever you pick I will read.

Dianrez said...

How about Hand in Hand? The spirit of the Family seems to be in that.

Mother of Bilingual Deaf and Hearing Children said...

I like "Hand in Hand" (not Hand to Hand), too. That says "family" to me, and you are one heck of a real family having real life adventures; a beautiful and complex quilt of hearts, minds, bodies, senses, and spirits.

Dianrez said...

One additional comment: remember that there is ILY in famILY.