Tuesday, October 21

The other day we went to the Sports Extraganza for the blind and Visually Impaired in Irving. We had a great time & Rebecca came home with 3 gold metals! Jasmine ran with her in the first race to help side-guide her, but she did the other 2 events on her own. I am so grateful that events like this happen to allow our kids to able to participate in sports! There were a couple events that Rebecca couldn't participate in because it relied on hearing and she was disappointed that she couldn't do more events. She got over it and was happy with her 3! She hung them on her wall and goes in her room just to stare at them. She is so proud of herself and we are so proud of her.

This was our first event that we have been to that was for the blind. I wasn't sure how Rebecca was going to handle things, but she did just fine. She kept pointing out people to me who had canes or dogs and we just said "yeah - they have a hard time seeing also".

Halloween is coming up again and our ARD is on Friday. I feel much more prepared this year for both. Thanks to everyone for their support over the past year!

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