Sunday, November 23

Learning To Flush

Jasmine has had trouble remembering to flush the toilet for 3 years now. This was not high on our priority list of problems in our family. We have tried techniques to tackle this in the last 3 years, but so far none have worked. We made a sign in the bathroom, we made up a little rhyme, we made an accronym that we said everytime she went to the bathroom, we rewarded the flushing and I'm sure there were others but I can't think of them. Well, we have decided to tackle this again - this time if she doesn't flush she must clean the toilet when I find it unflushed. Yesterday was the first day of our new attempt. She had to go to the bathroom last night, so before she went in and after she made her announcement - I reminded her of our deal. She said she remembered and went in all gung-ho to flush. Of course, she came out and didn't flush. I waited 5 minutes hoping that she would think about it and go back to flush. Nope--so I went into the bathroom and said, "looks like you forgot something - get out the cleaning supplies". She did it and didn't complain much.

Today, when we were at church in between Sunday school and service both girls went to the bathroom - she remembered to flush!!! You can imagine my excitement! I know it seems silly to be be excited over a 10 year old remembering to flush, but it is true!! I was so proud, I hope it continues.

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