Sunday, November 9

My personal marathon

I AM SO TIRED!!! I feel like I am running a never-ending marathon. I am sure a lot of moms feel this way, but for me this is a first. I feel like I have been running a year marathon for a year now! We do not have anyone that will take both girls for more than 30-45 minutes at one time. I don't want to seem ungrateful, but by the time I drop off the girls and go back home or wherever, it is time to pick them up again and my race has continued! We spend time with each of the girls alone each week and one girl is definately easier, but I still feel like I have only slowed to a jog. Will it ever stop? or will I just collapse??

I find myself being short-tempered and have a lot less patience than I want. Then I feel guilty and have even less stamina for the next round. How can I return to normal again? or has normal gone away??? Will I ever be the mom that I was again??

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Ashley's Mom said...

Since both girls were adoptions from the foster care system, do they qualify for Medicaid? If so, can you get them on one of the Medicaid waiver programs? That would be a way to get some respite time funded. If not through Medicaid, perhaps going back to your adoption agency for some respite funds.

I know just what you are feeling because I have been there so many times myself. It almost seems like there isn't even time to take a breath, much less rest a bit.

The biggest problem I have, and you probably will also, is finding someone who know how to sign to provide respite. It is a never ending search for me...