Saturday, December 27

My Christmas Season

Things seem to be returning to "normal" in our household. We went to the opthamologist for Rebecca a couple of weeks ago, her perpherial vision has taken a nosedive this past year, but her central vision has remained the same. The opthamologist mentioned a surgery that could slow things down and referred us to a specialist which we will see in May. I'm not sure if surgery will be worth putting her through that for the results, but we will talk to the doctor and make our decision then.

Jasmine finally popped about a week ago. I don't know why she has to push things to the very brim and then explode before she starts feeling better, but that is her cycle and the way it works with her. She will have 2-3 hr tantrums for months and then finally one day she will absolutely lose it and have an all day tantrum, the next day it will be tantrum free and we can experience that for the next couple of months and then it will all start again. So, right now we are in happy family mode.

We were blessed by friends this holiday season so much! Yesterday, my 2 Deaf friends took our family to go see ICE in Grapevine at the Gaylord. The girls really enjoyed it! I had read on the internet that it would only take us about 15 minutes to go through it, but we chatted along the way, took lots of pictures, etc. It took us about 45 minutes. It was really cool! It has tons of ice sculptures.

We went Christmas night to go look at lights and drove through a light parade just outside of Sherman on the way back from my grandmas in Oklahoma. It was beautiful and the girls really enjoyed that.

We had a great Christmas since Jasmine's bubble popped prior to Christmas, that was the best gift for me! The girls actually got both of us gifts which was the first time they had done that, so that is progress. They had earned bible bucks with bible drill and bible drill had a store that they got us gifts from. Jasmine was sick that night so between a friend and me we picked out some gifts for her to chose from. I brought them home and then she chose who to give what to. It worked out well.

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Julia said...

Wow -- very interesting blog! Also, I love the animated ASL alphabet on the sign. Where did you get that? I'd love to have one on my blog.