Friday, June 5

Summer Has Arrived!!

Well, summer is finally here and the plans are coming alive with summer activities for our family. We will be in Austin most of June, then it is off to Oklahoma to grandmas. We are also going to Arkansas to look for diamonds and to San Antonio to get wet at Sea World. We also have camps intertwined with all of that!!

This is our 4th summer with kids in our home. One thing that I have learned is to keep the kiddos busy and looking forward to something. We have everything spaced out so that something happens every 2 to 3 weeks! We will also do things around here like Six Flags, nature museums, zoo, movies, etc.

Next Wednesday is our appointment at the Retina Foundation and Tuesday we have a representive coming from DARS to help us teach Rebecca how to do her chores more effectively. She will be visiting periodically thoughout the summer.

Both girls will be in 5th grade next year! It is almost impossible to believe, only one more year until Jr. High! Scary!!

Rebecca almost passed her TAKS test (standardized testing in Texas) and is only short a little bit in her reading. So, in our spare time (yeah, right), we will be working on reading with her to help her be able to ace it next year.

Jasmine had no meltdowns at the end of the year which was a great thing! She handled her end of year anxieties much better this year.

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