Tuesday, October 23


Only 3 more days!! We will tell Jasmine tonight that her sister is coming to live with us. She will be excited. I called the school today and I found out what time school starts - 7:45am!! Are they crazy!! We live 45 minutes away from the school and my other daughter's school doesn't start until 8:30! The school says, "she can ride the bus" - sure she can and leave the house at 6:00am!!! How insane!!

I had checked into the school 3 months ago but for some reason only asked if they would bus - I did not ask what time school started. I just assumed it would start around the same time as Jasmine's school. School will then also let out earlier too, but I think we got that one covered for now.

Anyway, I know that God will provide a way & I guess that if she has to ride the bus at 6am, I guess that is what we will have to do until a better solution arrises.


Michelle D said...

It's normal for deaf kids riding on bus at early time.
I rode on bus at early time during my time of schooling.
Why early time? Deaf kids live all over the place. Not like hearing kids, that they can meet one place for bus to pick them up.
Bus has to pick deaf kid up then drive about 10 to 15 minutes and pick up another kid. Same process until the driver has all deaf kids to pick and bring them to school.
The bus picked me up around 6:15 am and my school didn't start until 8:30 am or 9 am.
Hope this helps.. This brings me flashbacks of what it was like for me to get up early and wait for bus to go school. What a memory it was for me. Heh...

Shari said...

I also had a 6:15 pick up time for bus rides to school when I was going to a self-contained classroom with other Deaf/deaf kids. We all had about a 30 minute communte in all directions. The bus had to pick up about 7 of us.

Congratulations on the adoption. It's great that you are keeping the girls together.

I'll be back. :)