Monday, October 22

It finally happened!!

Hello. I want to thank everyone for their comments on my last blog. I read them right before I had a HUGE call with CPS. It was like gettting a large hug from all of you & it gave me the confidence to say everything that I needed to say to CPS. Rebecca (our Usher Syndrome 1 child) will finally be placed officially in our home on Tuesday.

I wish I had started blogging sooner, so that everyone could appreciate this journey. We started sibling visitations in July '07 so this was not an easy trip for our family. We have been traveling back and forth to pick Rebecca up (about a 3 hr trip) every other weekend. In the summer we got to spend more time with her and she was in our home for about 3-5 days at a time. It has been difficult for both girls & I'm so excited this chapter is about to begin.

Again, thank you for your support & I know that I will be relying on you guys for advice.

What have I learned from this journey? I learned that God will provide if you just listen. If anyone would have told me 5 years ago that I would have 2 girls, one of which is deaf & will go blind I would have said that you were crazy!! God started on me a long time ago, when I was a child with compassion for people of different abilities. I am so grateful for that and pray that my children are also as fortunate. Fast forward to me getting cervical cancer & unsure if I was going to have children, to me getting my first foster child. WOW!!! It is amazing how the puzzle starts to come together. I was first told that Jasmine (my hearing child) had 2 siblings, both of which were severely disabled with major medical issues. I thought she would be the only child from that sibling group for us because I don't have a medical background and they made it sound so bad. As we approached Jasmine's adoption date we found Rebecca on an adoption website. I told my husband not to show me unless he was seriously interested in moving forward with Rebecca. He showed me, I could not get this incredible child out of my mind!!! For two days I prayed about it & I thought that I was going to go crazy if I didn't act upon it. I made the call to our foster agency, but not to our case worker - NO - I went to the Clinical Psycologist because I knew that he would be straight with me. I thought he would tell me that it would be CRAZY for me to mix a "special needs" child with Jasmine (because she has special emotional needs of her own). Instead, he said, "I'll look into it".

Now, look at where we are - I'm getting my second child (who I feel has always been my child, just not in my home) on Tuesday!!!! I can't believe it - someone pinch me!!


deafk said...

Gosh! Wow! Congrats! I am hoping for the smooth transition for all of you this coming Tuesday.


kw said...

How wonderful for your family that these two sisters will be together with you! Kim :-)

Deaf Pixie said...


I am so happy they placed her to live with you. I am sure you will be huge changed for her need.
I cannot wait to hear with you will be enjoying and lives with two sister togehter

Deaf Pixie

Michelle D said...

Oh gosh! Your wonderful news brought me to tears! I'm so happy for you!
You're right, those children are truly blessings from God.
Cherish them with all of your heart - love!

Anonymous said...

Handswaving! (our Deaf way of clapping)

Karen said...

Congrats to the new addition in your family!