Saturday, December 8

Awesome Kids

Some days one of the children will come up to me and say something that just makes me realize how far they have come. Even Rebecca so far, even though it hasn't been that long. Rebecca is now asking for most things in a complete sentence without me helping her with every word. Jasmine is now talking most things out instead of everything coming out in the form of anger.

These children have overcame in are still overcoming big obstacles. I love that I get to see that! Jasmine is learing sign language and we are all using total communication in our home. Everything that is said is signed and voiced at the same time, even if we are saying it to the dog!

Both of my children are incredible, awesome and inspiring kids! I know that they will go on and become terrific adults who advocate for Usher Syndrome and foster/adoptive children. They keep me and my husband going. We can wake up on an emotional empty and they fill our cups.

Today we are going to a Christmas party with the kids. I can't wait for all the new words that I will get to share with Rebecca today. We have started her word book with magazine pictures and today I know that I will get more photo pictures that will help her.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, I want to let you know that they are being seen in our family.


Anonymous said...

Please look into the bilingual/bicultural education philosophy. Go to the Indiana School for the Deaf's website. They have lots of valuable resources there. I am glad you are signing. Mixing talking (English) and signng can be confusing to deaf children since English and ASL are two separate languages. It is a bit like speaking English and Spanish at the same time. Sim-com has a tendency to make ASL broken and not complete and does the same thing to English. Have you gotten signed up for a good ASL and Deaf Culture class. Also I hope you have a good support system of experienced Deaf experts and mentors. I think you might get a lot out of this and it will help your children too. I know it helped our family tremendously. Good Luck:))

deafk said...


You are a mom that deserves those kids!! I am so glad for you. Happy Holidays!

Thanks. deafk

Karen said...

Have a blast!

Jean Boutcher said...

Happy holidays
and enjoy the winter
with your adopted child
who is very fortunate to
have a mother like you.