Tuesday, December 25

Sign Names

It's funny to me how I never really thought about my family members names until we assigned sign names. We have Brittney, Bryde & Brookie - that was fun. Then we have William whose name used to be JJ so some people come him William and others JJ. We have Hailey who we call HayHay. Derek is JoBob. Andrea is Annie. Jasmine is Roo. The list goes on and on. Anyway, so what do we name - the legal name or the nickname? I let Rebecca choose and gave her both, like I would say this is Derek, but his nickname is JoBob - what do you want to call him?

We playes Cherrades, which Rebecca was of course awesome at. It was hard for her not to use the signs. Like 1 word that she drew was PHONE, the sign is what you act out - but she did great at it-she did it like it was a larger phone so it wasn't the sign. All the girl cousins painted each others nails and toes - we taught signs like wait, wet, dry. They really liked having Rebecca there and they learned a lot of signs.

Anyway, Christmas Eve was fantastic and I'm glad I got the opportunity to help think of unique sign names for my family members - everyone should put so much thought into a name.


Karen said...

What a fun Christmas! I have a friend with five kids and all the names begin with "A." She had a bit of a tough time coming up with sign names for the last one!

Shari said...

Sometimes, sign names are a characteristic of a person. I knew a tall hard-of-hearing man named Hans. His sign name was "tall" with the "h" sign. Also, if the nickname is used the most, then why not the nickname as the sign name?

I gave my kids sign names though they are hearing and we don't really see a lot of d/Deaf people.