Saturday, January 5

Closed Captioning

Okay, so I'm not very technologically advanced...but I'm trying to be better. We got Rebecca a larger television for her room which has closed captioning on it & also made sure that her new DVD player was also compatible. All was good, she watched the Polar Express & Chronicles of Narnia and I figured it all out - no problem. She watched it with the captioning on the screen. Tonight she wanted to watch Barbie's The Princess and the Pauper. I could not get CCing to work no matter what I tried. The case says it has closed captioning but it is not an option the setup menu & subtitling didn't work either. Her closed captioning is on the television & it is on with the DVD player, however the movie was not captioned!!

Anyone have any clues that would lead me in the right direction?


Dianrez said...

That happened to me with one DVD that was labeled "CC" but didn't have anything resembling it. I took it back to the store and got a VHS copy try taking yours to the store and getting a later shipment.

Keeping a TV in childrens' bedrooms is a sticking point with me...I never let my kids have TVs in their bedrooms as long as they were in school. Maybe you have a different setup, such as a remote cable switch to keep it off at certain times? At times not needed for homework or sleeping or chores, I allowed all the captioned videos they wanted to watch, as repetition of movies and captions helps to develop language.

Michelle D said...

I have the same problem. I forgot the name for it... If TV has HD or like I said I can't remember the name for it, it'd not work for closed captioning. It'd read DVD if it has subtitle, then CC won't show up. It'd use subtitle instead. If DVD doesn't have subtitle, then it'd let CC go through. Perhaps someone out there will tell you what I'm talking about. I hate that, too. Good thing I have a older TV that I can use to watch movie on DVD.