Sunday, January 27

Sign Word Challenge

When I knew that I was going to adopt a deaf child we instantly started learning sign language. After we learned the basics (numbers, letters & colors), I didn't really knew where to start with everything else. I made a committment to learn at least 50 words a month - now I have learned over 300 words. Some of the words that I learned were intentional words that I sought out and others I just came across and they stuck in my mind. I thought I would share some of the words that I started with in hopes that it would encourage others to always seek more vocabulary.

Email, comfortable, amoung, less, ravioli, clumsy, doubt, office, witch, too bad, cool, birthday, light, dream, full, rude, yell, chapter, verse, Target, college, show, stare, bother, fruit, pumpkin, pecan, match, bless, yogart, granola, library, folk, mean, tantrum, fair, caseworker, echo, soldier, answer, bank, begin, bell, Bible, boring, closet, Santa, Christmas, headache, Israel, Superman, life, jelly, radio, cell phone, football, gas, audiologist, astronaut, biscuit, garden, grocery, lamp, chore, honest, lie, Spanish

I have no idea how many words I have really learned because sometimes I don't have my list with me and I try to remember later but I know I didn' t write them all down. What helped me the most was with each conversation that I have, I try to picture it being signed in my head. The words that I don' t know I look up later. I also read the girls books and study them ahead of time so that I can sign them to Rebecca and Jasmine. This has helped me reach outside of my everyday vocabulary and learn even more words.

You don't have to learn 300 words in one day, just take it one word at a time and you will get there. You will find that within your family you use the same words over and over again and those words will become easy for you to remember.

I challenge you to learn 50 new words a month if you are just starting to learn sign language & 20 new words if you are experienced. I would love to hear your progress!!


MB said...

We learned all our basic vocabularly from the Signing Time DVDs! I took an ASl class at the community college after that and didn't learn that much that I didn't already know. Now we are learning one new sign per day. They seemed really random, until today I met a deaf woman and needed to know the sign for "government."

You can see our list of the month at

deaf single said...

Wow...I like challenge. It make my life new
Thanks for your good work

Deaf dating said...

I hearing, but I'm dating a Deaf person and learning

ASL from my partner but also from classes.

jullian age 13 said...

It's so awsome you guys are learning ASL it is as close to FSL (french sign language) as possible. see ya :):):)

Shari said...

I like to look up ASL Browser to help. Just click a letter of the word you are looking for and it is demonstrated to you.

If the website doesn't work, google it with the key words ASL Browser. :)

I learned signs in elementary school. It was just part of the cirriculum. Most of it stayed with me as I was mainstreamed, but I do look up words here and there.