Wednesday, February 20

What A Day! Thank You For Your Prayers!

What A Day!!! What A Day!!! What A Day!!!

Rebecca's teacher is amazing! Her school has blown me away on more than one occassion, but I can not thank her enough for this one. Her teacher emailed me for some family photos and I sent her some. The class was going to talk about families (is that timing or what??). I sent photos of Jasmine and Rebecca and then a picture of all of us together. Her teacher emailed me to let me know about the day. One of the emails from her teacher said, "She smiled as she said "No more move". We talked to Rebecca tonight after church (the last amazing story) and she definately does not want to move and wants to stay here forever!! Can you see my smile from there? Thank you so much for your prayers! Now my girls will be together forever! Now can you see my tears of joy? Our next struggle is that Rebecca thinks this is going to happen tomorrow, but we will work through that one too.

Next amazing story!! We have been looking for a therapist for Rebecca since summer (since we knew that she would be coming to live here). Behaviorally Rebecca is awesome most of the time, I mean she is 10. Socially & emotionally she needs some assistance. She also will just need help with the family concepts and it is nice to have someone to talk to that is not in your family. Our struggle with the therapists have been distance, do not accept Medicaid or does not sign. Rebecca really needs a therapist that signs. Having an interpreter is great, but is very hard for her. Because she does not have perpherial vision it is hard for her to see the person talking and the interpreter - she moves her head between them but I have noticed that she does not get much of these conversations. So, the optimal thing would be to have a therapist that signs. We are not against driving Rebecca to therapy at all - we have driven many miles before to therapy with her sister but since Rebecca has to get up at 5am, there is only so far that we can go and it still be good for Rebecca. Today, I got a referral of a therapist (like the 100th time this has happened because we have everyone looking) and I left a message for him. He called me back - I ask, do you sign? YES....little fireworks inside me start to spark. I asked, "Where are you located" THE NEXT TOWN OVER FROM US & WORKS WITHIN SPITTIN' DISTANCE FROM REBECCA'S SCHOOL ALSO!! (The fireworks start to take over and are going off...this guy probably thinks I need therapy because I'm so excited) We talk about Rebecca a little bit and her needs. He has an opening and wants to evaluate her on Monday! (WIPEE!!) Just one more thing...payment..."What insurance do you have", he asks. I say since she is a foster child still, she is on Medicaid. "GREAT, he says - that is no problem". I can't control myself any longer. He is an answered prayer! Incredible - we have a therapist!! I start to dance a little bit and I find myself humming later in the afternoon! I can't believe it - a therapist that signs, is close & accepts Medicaid!!

Believe it or not there is still more to this unbelievable day!! Every since Christmas Rebecca has been asking a lot about Jesus. We get out the 5 Bibles in our house - all that say scripture differently. We have an old set of Children's Bibles that I grew up with, a childs Bible that would be for like a 4 or 5 year old, a picture Bible and then a 8-12 year old Bible and then we have another Bible that is not a complete Bible but breaks down the main stories in the Bible. I also get out her Word Book & the picture dictionary. When I start telling a Bible story, I review each one and find the story - if it doesn't have the story, good one less book. I try to find the stories that are in each one so that she will get different pictures and different views of the same story so that it will stick. I look over each one and decide which parts from which books do I think will be the best. I then learn all the signs and we start. This takes a bit of preperation, but is worth it. I tell the story and ask questions to make sure that she understands. Anyway, this has led to her asking even more questions about Baptism - we are Baptist in case you are wondering. Our church has a class that the kids can take to specifically make sure that they understand what it means to be a Christian & what Baptism is. My friend and one of Rebecca's interpreters offered to go to the class with her and interpret for her. I was worried that Rebecca did not fully understand, but my friend says that she definately understands and she was impressed by Rebecca's answers. I could not be a more proud mamma!! I will be calling to schedule Rebecca's Baptism soon.

Our God is so good!! Thank you to everyone for your prayers! What A Day!


Anonymous said...

I am dancing and humming right along with you!! I so know that struggle to find the right counselor.

Oh you have had so many joyous things happen!! I am just so excited for you!


Jana B said...

That is so awesome!!!!!! :o)