Friday, February 22

Is There More Deaf In The Media Or Is It Just Me?

Do you know how when you are thinking of buying a new car or just bought a new car how you start seeing that car everywhere? I'm wondering if this same phenomenon is happening to me with Deaf in the media or if it just really prevalent this year. So far this year I have seen the following:

1) Superbowl Commerical in ASL
2) Disney Commericial in ASL
3) Marlee Matlin Is On Dancing With The Stars
4) Medium on NBC portrays a Deaf child who is kidnapped & Alison looses her hearing
5) Extreme Home Makeover had a deaf-blind man in the Hughes Family episode.
6) Deaf Child's Invention in Dallas Morning News
7) The L Word
8) Nip/Tuck

I don't know if this is something new. I'm sure that there's more that I didn't see or hear about. It just seems like everytime I turn around lately, there's something in the news or on television. I think it is great as long as the character is portrayed acurately. I have noticed other Deaf people on television in the past, but now it just seems like there is more.


mishkazena said...

Now that you have pointed it out, yes, there is more exposure to Deaf people and ASL.

It's not the first time. After Deaf President Now, there was good amount of exposure to ASL and Deaf people in a positive light.

But why more now? that's a good question, but whatever, it is nice! :)

deafk said...


i suspect that the is the key. Everyone else is accessing to, not only us, you parents, and us deafies, smile!