Sunday, March 23

Deaf Working In Our Community

Today we ran across our first Deaf working person in our community. We were in line at Golden Corral and the lady getting the drinks for everyone was telling the person in front of us that she is Deaf, so please look at her when ordering. We overheard and I could barely contain myself. When she turned her head I saw that she was wearing a hearing aid. I asked her if she was Deaf, she said yes and then she asked if we signed. I signed back yes and then signed our order to her. I was so excited for Rebecca to see her and Rebecca signed to her as well. When we were leaving I asked where she lives and she lives in the same town that we do. I hope that we see her more. It was good for Rebecca to see another Deaf person working. I know that Deaf people work, please don't think that - we just have not ran across any Deaf people in our community who are currently working when we see them. I hope that we brightened this young girls day a little bit and I know that she encouraged me and brightened my day. I asked for the manager while we were there to tell him thank you for hiring her, but he was not there. I will send an email and hopefully it will get down to him. I want to thank Golden Corral for hiring her, but also for not just putting her in the back cooking. I am grateful that she was the first person that we saw when we were there & I want to thank the manager for doing that!

Rebecca continues to be in shock when we see others who know sign language or who are Deaf when we are out. It takes me saying 3 or 4 times saying that they are Deaf before she really believes it. When we were in Oklahoma we ate breakfast at a little restraunt and a waitress there took ASL in school so she could sign. We watched Marlee Matlin on Dancing with the Stars and Rebecca's jaw hit the floor again when she started signing.

I love that God is placing people in our lives to be an encouragement along our path.

Happy Easter Everyone!! BTW...Rebecca is going to be Baptised next Sunday. It is going to be a great day for our family & our Church family!


Bryen said...

That's great that you are thinking about it in terms of a positive influence and role model for your daughter. That's the kind of parenting we need in all aspects of life. Keep it up!

Dianrez said...

That's kinda sad commentary; that Deaf people are so invisible and so far-flung that one never sees them, especially those who work and are not seen between 9 and 5.

I remember my first meeting with adult Deaf people as a child of 12--it was at a church of the deaf and many of the members were OLD!! I found them interesting to chat just had never occurred to me that Deaf people came in all ages.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a great day. You're right, God puts people in your path to encourage you along the way. :-) Life is good.

Anonymous said...

Its great that Rebecca is able to see some positive Deaf role models!
How did your Easter egg hunt end up going?

Anonymous said...

I have a HOH+ (6yo) son and am constantly showing him Deaf/HOH role models. The latest was Marlee on Dancing With The Stars. My husband sometimes takes our ds to a local McDonald's where a Deaf woman works and she signs & speaks to him.

If you are looking for a kids movie for Rebecca to watch, you may want to consider 'The Sandlot2'. One of the main characters is a 10yo Deaf boy who lip reads and signs. He is just one of the kids in the group and that is a rarety in any movie.

Holly 7yo & Peyton 3yo; Randy 6yo
--mild to mod SNHL, epilepsy, hypotonia, mixed receptive-expressive languge disorder, devel delays

faithful said...

You can go to and find any new testament verse in sign. They also have a daily devotional. It is a tiny picture, so I'm not sure if Rebecca could see clearly or not. The new testament in sign is really wonderful, and on my computer, you can enlarge the picture. You have to download real player if you don't already have it. It's definitely worth it. I believe you are being and will continue to be blessed by this child!