Monday, March 24

Easter Worries For Nothing

Easter went fabulously! As is ofen the case with me, I worried way too much for nothing.

Saturday, we went to a hunt at a local park where you could see all the eggs - it was wide open and they were good sized eggs. That was my test - she did great, actually she got more eggs than her sister! We came back home after the hunt and lunch and made colored our eggs. I got really big eggs. We also let them sit in the dye for 4 hours so they were very bightly colored eggs. After dinner we came back and the girls decorated the eggs more.

Sunday, the girls got up and we went to church. When we got back the Easter bunny had left them gifts and had hidden the eggs. I had made a map of where all the eggs were, but we didn't need it. Jasmine helped her sister a few times by pointing them out, but she found most of them herself by feeling around the tall patches of grass. There was 30 eggs in all (2 prize eggs), each of the girls found 1 prize egg, Jasmine found 17 and Rebecca found 13 regular eggs.

After the hunt we went to lunch that I talked about in my previous post. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, we may need to use them at some point but for this year she didn't need much assistance.


Anonymous said...

i thought she could not see very well.

Shari said...

I've been catching up with your last few posts. A lot of action and activities!!

I get "shocked" when I see someone who signs, too. A lot of my old d/Deaf friends moved out of the area and we haven't stayed in touch very well...raising a family, working...

I'm glad that Rebecca was able to find her eggs. I didn't think it would be a problem if her central vision was still good.

kt said...

Yeahh!! I'm glad it went so well for you and her. HAPPY EASTER!! :)

Candice said...

Rebecca cannot see very well. She cannot see in the dark (not a problem for Easter) and she has no perpherial vision, which was what I was worried about. She can get around the perpherial vision by scanning, but it is more difficult for her. I hope that answers your question.