Monday, March 17

Easter Worries

I know that I'm going to sound like a moron, but I'm going to ask anyway. Rebecca has no perpherial vision and cannot see things underneath her. I starting thinking about the Easter egg hunts and how that is all about searching for an egg. I starting thinking of what a mess my yard is going to be with the eggs that she steps all over. Is there a way to make this easier? I don't think that bright colored eggs would be enough, but I was thinking maybe if I made paths and then had her walk along the paths trying to spot the eggs to the right or left of her?

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Should I make it seperate hunts? One for her and one for her sighted sister?


MB said...

What about these?

Would they help make it a little easier for her to find? Lighted eggs for Rebecca and "regular" eggs for her sister?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is as "exciting" as the traditional way of looking for easter eggs or how much room you have but what about a treasure hunt sort of thing?
With clues or a map and little clusters of eggs at each location. If there is a group of them they might be easier for her to see.

PS I've just started reading your blog and love it as I hope to one day in my life be a foster/adoptive parent.

Anonymous said...

maybe use ropes that would help her lead to her treasures. or have someone to lead her. you maybe have better ideas.

Shari said...

Or you could make sure they both get the even number of eggs, say you hid 14 of them (7 each). If Jasmine finds her half first, then she has to stop and let Rebecca find her own. You just never know. She might do okay.

ekctt said...

I would suggest that you and Jasmine talk about the hunt first and what strategies she can use. You might discuss that they will all be on the ground (and then make sure that they are) and that she will want to scan carefully and take her time. She can hunt for them systematically,i.e. start in one corner or side of the path and work her way down or across the yard vs. randomly running here/there. This may take time, yes, but they are the strategies that she will need to develop in her life, school, etc.