Tuesday, April 22

It's All About The Friends

The other day Rebecca's rechargable battery died and the school couldn't just pop in new batteries so she was without sound. This is when I am truly grateful that we sign. I do not know what families do that do not sign when this happens. This has not been the first time that this has happened to us where she had to go a few hours without her implant. We sign and she does great.

The other day I asked her, "Do you like it better when you can't hear or when you can hear?" She said, "I like it better when I can hear". I asked her why and she said, "I can have hearing friends and Deaf friends".


Val said...

We tried sign but they preferred to read lips when there is no sound. There are no Deaf schools around and they go to mainstream school but we actually communicate quite well w/no sound.

Tales from the CI Gal said...

I think it is great that Rebecca feels that way. It is amazing how adaptable children are. We have classrooms in our school district that use Bi-Bi and inclusion model.

I also lipread without sound. I spent most of life doing it so it is easy on me. I'm sure with the Usher's it is difficult for her.

I do love the fact that she said she loves it better when she can hear.