Monday, April 28

How Do You Keep Deaf Culture Alive?

I search for ways to keep the Deaf culture prevalent and in front of my family. Rebecca is Deaf. She will never be hearing and I don't want her to be confused about where she fits in or feel like she is less of a person or alone. We go to events with other Deaf people, I have Deaf people over to our house, we attend a church with other Deaf people, we have signs around our house with ILY, we have pictures of the family signing, etc. Everyone is our family signs and I make sure that she has an interpreter when she needs it or I interpret, when we go to someone's house I make sure that they turn on their CC'ing and we always have our CC'ing on in our house. How do you keep the Deaf culture alive in your house?

We are looking into getting a video phone so that Rebecca can talk to her friends who cannot use the phone & Rebecca is still not clear on a phone and she cannot understand what the other person is saying. When she uses my phone, she usually texts or I put in on speaker and I interpret. I'm really excited about getting a video phone for her, but also so that I can talk to my Deaf friends!

Something else wonderful happened this week that I will post about later. I will keep you hanging for a day or two.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, this is getting easier and easier with videos being uploaded to the internet daily. Do a search for deaf topics every once in a while and you'll find some good videos.

Anonymous said...


I'm so happy for you all. In fact, almost on the verge of tears, and that doesn't come often with me.

What you and your family are doing....


I love you and I thank you.


Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca is one lucky little girl to have you for parents!


OCDAC said...

Just ask a "DBC Core member" for the answer. Thats the new way of saying the ODG.

OCDAC said...

Unless some big changes occur within the deaf culture think tanks, deaf culture will end up sinking in the big seas of evolution.