Thursday, May 1

Exciting News For Me And My Family

Sunday we did 2 volunteer projects, we made hygiene kits for women who are exiting prision and we made AIDS kits to send to Africa. We had a great time and ended up being the receipient of 2 people who wanted to volunteer and help our family. The first person is a senior in high school, she is learning ASL and thinks that she wants to be a Deaf Education teacher. She volunteered her Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to interpret for Rebecca. Now, I can have a little bit of a rest and it's better for the girls not to always have their mom everywhere they are. She will be going to college here locally next year and she said that she wants to do this for as long as she can for Rebecca. What a blessing! She interpreted yesterday and I just love her and more importantly Rebecca has really taken to her!

My husband and I both work full time and we did not know how the girls were going to be able to go to VBS this year and another person that we know stepped up and said that he will pick up the girls from their summer program and take them to VBS and then drive them back when they are done! Now, the girls can go to VBS!!

Our God is so good and takes care of us so well. Add these blessings to your prayers today and thank God for taking care of our family. Today is National Day Of Prayer. Our family will be attending a concert tonight and praying for our leaders. You don't have to go to an event, but please pray - if for nothing else just thanking God for providing for my family.

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Shari said...

That's great that you have a volunteer. Trust in God and things come together. :)