Thursday, May 8

New Aid

We went to our appointment for the hearing aid and got fitted for the mold. Rebecca woke up so excited, I felt bad that she had to wait until the afternoon for her appointment. She chose a purple see-through hearing aid with a pink/purple mold. It will be a Phonak Junior Naida UltraPower. Compared to her CI, her hearing aid is really small. Some positives about this peticular aid and why we chose it:

1) It is water resistant. It can be worn while playing sports or even when caught in the rain.

2) It takes the same kind of batteries as her CI, so we don't have to order different batteries.

3) It is a strong hearing aid, which is exactly what she needs.

We did the hearing test on the right ear and she heard nothing. She never heard the sound not matter how loud it got. We are getting the aid just to keep the nerve stimulated and it will also hopefully help with balance as well. We will see how it goes. We go back in a few weeks for our fitting.

Here's a picture of what it will look like:


Valerie said...

That is so exciting. I hope it does keep the nerve active. At least it gives her balance. I wore an aid on my right ear even though it had no hearing. It balanced me.

It really is small.

Jean Boutcher said...

Water-proof? That is what I need. I was so excited and jumped in the
sea in Ibiza (Mediterranean Sea) I
completely forgot my biaural hearing aids in the ears. They were totally damaged because of the salty water that eroded them.

Is Phonak Junior Naida UltraPower
a brand new kind of the 21st century? I am curious about its

Candice said...

I'm not sure how much the aid costs, Texas has an awesome program called PACT (Program for Amplification for Children of Texas) that pays for the hearing aid. This particular hearing aid just came available for the program this week! Just another reason that I'm proud to be a Texan.

Lisa C. said...

Water-proof? I wished my old hearing aid was water-proof when it was in my jeans pocket when I threw them into the washing machine in 2002. It was damaged. Got a new one using my credit card before I was scheduled to file bankrupty(Ex-husband lost his job). I owed them nothing.

After moving to Texas, I found out that I was getting a free aid which I did. Yay!

smileysk8 said...

Oh my goodness! They paid for the aid?! We are in Texas and just paid for our daughter's Phonak Naida and it cost us $1,680. I will have to check out the PACT program!
By the way, I love the purple!