Tuesday, May 20

Rebecca has a Cochlear Freedom. She has had Kaci the Kaola for some time, but did not have the implant part for the kaola. I called Cochlear and got her one. It is so cute, she has been carrying it everywhere. I asked her, "Do I still need to sign to the Kaola even though she has an implant?" She said, "Yes, it really helps her". She takes off the implant every night and puts it in its own case that matches hers. Here's some pictures.

We are still waiting to hear back from her audiologist from about her hearing aid. I'll let you know after we get it in.


smileysk8 said...

Too cute! What a great idea!

Shari said...

Wow. I never thought about that. That's a good idea about Kaci.

Yeah, keeping the nerve stimulated is a good idea in case she gets another implant.

I don't get much of anything in my worse ear, but I wear it to keep the nerves awake.