Sunday, June 1

New Found Independence

We got our Video Phone installed. Prior to the video phone I was interpreting with the phone on speaker and then revoicing for Rebecca if the other party did not understand her. Rebecca is 10, I know that soon she will not want me to hear every conversation that she has and she shouldn't have to rely on me to be around to make a phone call. Since we have had the video phone she has made 5 or 6 phone calls. She has loved it!

We are hoping that it will also help improve her sign language since everytime it is a different person with different "accents". The interpreters have been awesome with her, they sign slower for her and normally make some small talk. When I get on, they sign really fast and I'm no where near that pace. I guess since they think that I have a 10 year old Deaf child, I should be a signing pro. It's embarrassing for me. I only got on a Relay call 1 time in the middle of a conversation that Rebecca was having. I look forward to communicating with my Deaf friends with it and talk to Rebecca's friends parents to arrange play dates.

We are still collecting phone numbers right now, but I look forward to the days when there are more calls without the relay operator than with the relay operator.


Karen said...

I love my videophone and can't imagine life without it anymore! :)

Shari said...

I don't really care for relay calls myself. I only use the relay for appointments. Otherwise, people just have to put up with me.

BTW, I am back. Sorry about the temporary leave from the public. I wanted to put in screen names for the kids.