Friday, June 6

Too Bad, So Sad

Today we were at the dentist and Rebecca signed, "Sad, Too Bad". I took me a few seconds, but she was trying to say, "too bad, so sad". I corrected her and laughed all day about it. If my hearing daughter had told me, "Too Bad, so sad Mom" I may have been offended, but it was music to my ears coming from Rebecca. She is 10, so this is a saying that should probably be a part of her language at this age and I am so proud of her!


Anonymous said...

It must be a new expression of today... I remember when I was a kid, I asked my mom: What was wrong with you?? Later on, Mom sat with me and explained that it is better to say: What is wrong? which is a gentle approach while the one "with you" is harshly blunt and rude. I thought, wow, and realized that there were many different ways of saying things. It was at the point I became so aware about English. English is a beautiful and fantastic language. One never stops to learn new words, phrases, slangs, and expressions... That's a new one for me!

~ Just Deaf

Shari said...

I remember as a s child, I was arguing with my sister and I said, "I truth." My sister looked at me and said, "That doesn't make sense." I had seen my d/Deaf peers in school sign "I honest" (I am honest.)

Then my sister said, "Oh, you mean, I am telling the truth."

Anonymous said...

This makes me smile! I am reminded of one of the first TTY conversations I had with my daughter, who typed FUN CHEESE GO WANT. I was so proud of her for making her wishes known through written language, not to mention a little proud of myself for being able to figure out she wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese.

I just found your blog today, and can see we have a lot in common. When I was 27, I adopted my first daughter, a Deaf 13 year-old. My second daughter, also Deaf, came a few years later at age 9. They are now 27 and 18. I now work for the Center for Deaf-Blind Persons in Milwaukee. If you would like to email me, I would love to hear from you. Perhaps we can share experiences, mom to mom. I'm also glad to offer whatever help I can in my professional capacity. You can find my email on the staff page at