Monday, July 7

2nd Day At SEE Conference

Okay, so I decided to go back for more. Today was definately a full day of mind-blowing signing. I actually did the best at fingerspelling which I feel is my weakest area so if that is giving you a clue as to how the rest of my day went. I learned today that a lot of the people that are in my class are actually ASL signers who are learning SEE. What I learned from them was that a lot of my signs are ASL which is fine because SEE is based on ASL so it fits in there somewhere. I am so grateful to be in this class because when I sign something that is not the correct SEE sign, someone tells me, "That's okay in ASL" and I feel better. I am not totally clueless, but I am really messed up in my SEE signing.

I have shared my story a lot with the people who have asked and that has made several other people come up to me and ask. I actually learned that Rebecca's VI assistant (I had only met the VI intructor herself) is taking the SEE classes so that he can communicate with Rebecca better and not have to have an interpreter follow him around. I think that is just awesome of him! There are such incredible people at this conference, I feel honored to be there.

We also got our song that we will perform on Thursday night (start praying now). It will be Footloose! Do you know how fast that song is? Okay, just checking...continue praying for us. I will be back for another day of torture ;) tomorrow.

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