Wednesday, July 9

3rd Day At SEE Conference

Great day! Don't get me wrong, my head is still exploding from all the knowledge but I'm enjoying it. I had lunch with 2 of Rebecca's interpreters from the past and that was great! We got the words to the song that we will preform on Thursday night - Footloose. That's a fast song. Anyway, hopefully I will have more to say about day 4. See ya then!


Ashley's Mom said...

Candice, I really wish I could have been at the conference. It sounds great!

Now I have a question (favor actually) to ask you. I am going to be writing for another blog that is launching soon called 5 minutes for Special Needs Moms. One of my assignments is to do interview type blogs.

And, I would love it if you would consent to be interviewed. I can send you a list of questions in a Word document, and if you would answer them, I will do the post and provide a link to your blog.

What do you think?

Candice said...

That's fine with me. You can email me at