Wednesday, July 9

4th Day At SEE Conference

Okay, today I have a headache. My head hurts from all the things that we packed in today. We have 3 instructors for our level which is awesome because we get to see how each one signs differently. I'm finding it extremely useful just seeing the other peoples hands when they sign and seeing their "accents". I am so used to seeing the same ol' people sign to me and it is great to see new hands! It has been very beneficial to me. I try to watch vlogs every once in a while just to see other people sign. It's amazing to me how a sign can look entirely different on someone elses hands. But, I guess we also have several accents as hearing people. If I go to Boston, I do not understand what they are saying for a little bit. It's the same with signing. Today we worked a lot on prefixes and suffixes. This is an area I am weak in because I normally one sign the suffix if it is an -ing or an -s and only if I did not already repeat the sign because it was plural (which is not TRUE SEE and I know that).

Today I had lunch with Rebecca's teacher and one of my interpreter friends who is one of the interpreters at our church. These people are very near and dear to me and I am very greatful that God has put these people in my families lives. I could not be more blessed. They are great Christian women who are wonderful with children, but also don't "pity" their deaf children. I love that because that is one of my pet peeves since having my children. Don't pity my children because they were in foster care or because one is Deaf - you can understand it without pitying them. Does that make sense? They do have different needs and you can provide for those needs without pitying them. Make them rise to the occasion and that is what these 2 wonderful women do with their children and I appreciate it so much!

I don't think that I announced this since school has been out, but when school got out Rebecca was tested to be reading 2nd grade level books! This was huge because when Rebecca was placed with us she was still on a pre-k level. I'm really excited about how much she is improving!

Tomorrow night is the banquet, so I may not get around to blogging but I will write about it when I get a chance. Good night!


ASL friend said...

It seems that SEE caused your headache as you have to read every signed word in every sentence with minimal movements unlike ASL. I believe that ASL will be your best medicine. : )

Dianrez said...

How delicious that you are already picking up variations in sign languages--"accents"! I'm sure you will do well in the variety that you use with your kids. As with all languages, it is a form of expressiveness and best enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere--just enjoy!

K.L. said...

ASL Friend,
YOu are wrong. SEE teaches that movement of the sign needs to be done to fit the meaning of the word, just like ASL.

Swiping at other people because they don't do things the same way you do, or make the same choices you made just diminishes you. She should be encouraged and supported for all she is doing for her kids. Give her a break, and if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.