Thursday, July 10

5th Day At SEE Conference

Today we spent over 1/2 the day (until around 2:00) without any voices. We had to order lunch and everything without voices. I went with 2 interpreters and they choose a place that did not have combo numbers. We went to Taco Cabana. We found a catering menu and they used that to help them order, but for some reason quesadillas (Rebecca calls them chees triangles) was not on that menu. I had to say 4th picture on the top and the guy was not getting it. It was difficult. I finally got what I wanted and we sat down to lunch. Both of the interpreters are originally ASL interpreters so this was a great opportunity for me to learn some ASL differences. It was fabulous! I'm still not going to switch to ASL right now, but it was great to see it more. I had them tell me a story in ASL and then in SEE so that I could visually see the difference.

Tonight was the banquet and that was fabulous! Rebecca's batteries died when she got to the hotel and I normally have extra batteries in my purse, but I have not been carrying my purse to the conference so I had no batteries. It was absolutely fine and as I have said before I think that she pays more attention without her implant. Everyone was signing there so it was easy for her to communicate and I really appreciated not having to interpret for everyone because everyone there could sign at some level.

We won a poster that has the pledge of allegiance on it which is great because that is something that Rebecca needs to improve on. I also got another suffix/affix book. I gave this one to Rebecca because she absolutely loves mine. She likes looking through it to see human turn into humans, humane, inhumane, superhuman, etc.

Tomorrow is the last day :(

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Any links to the SEE conference?

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