Thursday, July 24

Medicaid Pays For Interpreters

That's what happened in our case. Since the state is legally the parent of Rebecca right now, I fought Medicaid and won! They are paying for an interpreter for her psych evaluation on Monday. I never thought about Medicaid providing the interpreter, so thank you Joyce for putting that bug in my ear. Now, we are one step closer to finishing up this adoption.


Dianrez said...

That's wonderful! Thanks for the note--many of us overlooked that one and it's useful to know.

RLM said...

Yes, the federal judge ordered the DC government to provide terps within the DC Medicaid and Medicare programs pretty long time ago.

So almost all hosptials in DC usually provide terps without any requests from clients.

legal precedent we really need for the rest of America.


W. David Samuelsen said...

Basically Medicaid IS NOT responsible for paying for interpreter!

It is that place doing the psych evaluation who is responsible for paying the interpreter.

See what RLM said - it isn't Medicaid but the government for their offices APART from the Medicaid funds.

In Utah, Medicaid does not pay for any interpreter at all. The monies come from non-Medicaid funds.

If money came from Medicaid which is partially funded by Federal, the feds will shut that state down.

You better verify that the money for interpreter does NOT come from Medicaid funds.