Wednesday, March 4

New Independence

I know it's a little early for independence day, but not in our house. Rebecca got her white cane!! We are also so excited that it hard to explain. Rebecca has so many things that she has had to be dependent on us for. I interpret for her often, we help her follow conversations, we explain things to her and her vision has only been something else that she had to depend on us for. When we went into a room that changed lighting or stepped outside, she grabbed on and depended on us to lead her away from danger. When there was obstacles in the room or speed bumps in the parking lot, she depended on us to make sure she did not trip. NOW - ALL THAT HAS CHANGED WITH ONE LITTLE CANE!!

Rebecca continues to amaze me with the cane and I have to remember that she can do it herself. Tomorrow will be one week since she got to bring the cane home. Since then she has went down stairs by herself, walked across parking lot and over speed bumps, went from light to dark, walked out to the car by herself to get her backpack out of the car at night. She has not grabbed for my arm or ran over anything all week! She even had a sleepover at the Fort Worth Zoo!! Her bruises are healing and for the first time since I have known her she is become bruise free!

Her having her cane has given her an unbelievable independence as well as a new confidence, but it has also given the other members of our family a chance to educate tons of people so far and has taken tons of stress off of us. We are not worried about Rebecca falling or hurting herself. We are not constantly looking for what is ahead of her - she will find it!

We are also following American Idol and Scott McIntyre experience. This has helped Rebecca to see that being blind does not stop you from following your dreams. Big thanks to Scott McIntyre and his bravery for being on that show and a great role model for my child and for so many others.

Tonight we decorated some of her white cane for St. Patrick's Day. It would not be Rebecca's if we didn't girl-ify it a little bit.


ilovepool said...

Wow! Congratulations to Rebecca! Kudos to her family also for viewing this as the positive step to independence that it is. I *love* her sticker decorations! Many of the people I know have things hanging from their canes, but that's the first sticker-laden one I've seen, and it's absolutely beautiful!


Connor's Mom said...

How exciting! And I agree with Dani-- her cane is very cool!


Dianrez said...

We take the simplest things for granted, and marvel at such simple solutions to thorny problems. Congratulations to Rebecca in her new freedom and wider horizons to explore!