Sunday, February 3

Cute Times In Recent Days

I got 3 stories to tell that has happened in the last 3 days. The first one was yesterday. We went to a lunch at restaurant (just Rebecca and me - one of our moments), this is a place that we go to often and apparantly whoever was doing dishes was being really loud. We moved farther from the kitchen, but it was still really loud. Rebecca put her finger in her ears to stop the sound. I asked her if that helped and she said not really. I couldn't get that picture out of my head all day.

Today in church, the kids all learned a song in sign language and preformed it in church. Rebecca's eyes got so big & she just couldn't stop saying, "Oh my Gosh". It was wonderful!! I am so greatful for my church and all that they have done to welcome Rebecca and anyone in the deaf community. Rebecca is the only child in our church that is deaf right now. I hope that others will start to join and we will be there to help welcome them.

The other night Rebecca came home saying that she needed money for Monkey Plano. I had her sign again thinking I must have misunderstood her "Monkey Plano??" Plano is a nearby city and she even fingerspelled it for me the second time. I just still did not understand. I asked her how much money and she said $50 for Monkey Plano. Ok, now I must know more - I'm not giving my 10 year old $50 for a monkey plano (whatever that is). Anyway, I emailed her teacher who was very responsive and said that there was a monkey who needed help and the kids were asked to bring in money to help transport the money to Florida. .50 would be great! So, the Monkey Plano mystery was solved. Rebecca got $1.00 out of the money that she has saved and gave it towards Monkey Plano - whose name is Pat, but in our house will always be known as Monkey Plano.

Anyway, these are just a few chuckles that we get around our house. God Bless Monkey Plano!!


Michelle D said...

LOL! That's so cute. Real nice of Church to have little kdis sing in sign language!
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Arri said...

I had always happened to find this very interesting. It so happens that our church has an interpreter who signs with the songs we sing. I am glad that the children are learning songs in ASL. It means that they are getting closer to the Deaf Community.

Shari said...

That was cute. Thanks for sharing. It's always fun to record the things kids do or say. Makes me wish I was blogging a long time ago. Better late than never.

That's great that your church is thinking of Rebecca. I remember a few years ago, during a Christmas service, (the theme was something like bringing the world together, every language), the kids sang in German, Chinese, and a few other things, including one song in sign language. I thought that was so cool.