Thursday, October 23

My Mom Is Deaf -- What???

Up until just recently when Rebecca would introduce me to her friends or new people as her mom, she would always add, "she signed a little bit". URGGG!! It used to drive me crazy. I am working my butt off to learn sign language and I feel like I sign more than just a little bit! Anyway, recently Rebecca started saying that I am Deaf around the house. I told her that I am not Deaf, I am hearing - but that she is Deaf. She says that I am Deaf because I know a lot of sign language now. I asked her if her interpreters were Deaf too because they know a lot of sign language, she said no - they are hearing.

I thought we had moved past it until last week we were in the church bathroom. Rebecca was waiting for me outside the stall and a lady came in. Rebecca did not have her implant on so she couldn't hear her at all. The lady asked her "How are you" and she answered, "Fine. Waiting on mom, she's Deaf." That's what I thought she said anyway, so I got out and when I was washing my hands I asked the lady what Rebecca said. She said she told me that you were Deaf. REALLY????!! So, in front of the lady I explained once again to Kimberly that I am not Deaf, I am hearing. She kept insisting that since I know a lot of sign now that I am Deaf.

Since this time, I just laugh it off when I hear her say it. I don't what her to think that I am NOT wanting to be Deaf and that hearing is superior or something, so everytime I approach it carefully. I tell her that I was not special enough to be Deaf. God only picks a few to be lucky enough to be Deaf. She continues to insist that I am, so I'm just letting her say it. Maybe it makes her feel more connected if she thinks of me as Deaf also.

I am happy though, that she is not saying that I sign "a little bit" anymore. I feel like I have graduated. It only took a year!!


Diane Plassey said...

Out of the mouths of never knows what they think! Sounds as if she's been sorting things out and you came out with five stars...enjoy while it lasts because it often is the reverse during the teens!

mishkazena said...

The confusion in determining if a parent is hearing or deaf, based on the ability to sign fluently isn't unusual. In a way, it is flattering as she thinks you are signing fluently compared to 'she signs a little bit'.

Eventually she will understand not all signers are Deaf.

Shari said...

It's kind of ironic because she understands that interpreters aren't Deaf. Maybe, like you said, it's her way to feel connected.

Love the new title with they "ILY"-I got it right away. :) Love the animated fingerspelling A-Z. :)

Glad to see things are going well.

Dr.Rutledge said...

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